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Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability policies help protect organizations from probable negligence claims or lawsuits for services it provides. Claims are usually for negligence, good faith, errors, omissions, misrepresentation or incorrect advice.

Profession which is a particular line of services that is a source of income for the professional and different professions that need this type of insurance are general contractors, construction trades, doctors, financial professionals such as insurance agents and software developers, etc.

Professional liability insurance is known by different names which hold the same purpose and coverages and these names are errors and omissions, directors and officer’s liability and employment practices liability.

TMT INSURANCE holds a very important position among the insurance companies in such a highly competitive era and presents a number of companies that offer professional liability coverage for business. It is significant that the policy and coverage you select matches your business needs and TMT INSURANCE helps finding the perfect goals and objectives for the policies that is being covered.

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